Studio Pricing

Studio Time

Studio Time includes one engineer.

Studio A -- $30 per hour

Studio A is our Primary and most-used studio and is large enough for most projects.

Studio B -- $60 per hour

Studio B is a larger studio with vocal booths and "dead" space. This room requires additional setup.

Theatre - Live Show Recording -- quoted per event

The Theatre-Stage recording requires additional setup and equipment, along with advance scheduling. Due to this, we quote each session on an "as-needed" basis.


Additional Options

Session Player Pricing -- $35-$65 per player per instrument per song

We offer top session players for many instruments, including: Fiddle/Violin, Mandolin, Piano/Keyboard, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, 12-String Guitar, and Banjo

Mixing/Mastering -- $30-$45 per hour

Mixing/Mastering is quoted for each project, depending on length and track count. If you would like to be on-site during the mixing/mastering process, the standard rate is $45 per hour. If you prefer to let our engineer work alone, the standard rate is $30 per hour.

Vocal Production -- $60 per hour

Vocal Production consists of comping the vocals (choosing the best parts of multiple takes) and pitch-correcting or tuning vocals. Please note that this is in addition to regular studio time costs.


All sessions include two CD copies.

If multiple songs/sessions are recorded, they are usually burned to a single CD. Additional CDs are $5 each.

Shipping and Handling -- $5

First Class Mail for 2 CDs (International orders add $3.00)